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Please continue with  these important questions:

Have you had prior counseling? If so, when?

Are you currently on any medications? If so, please list what they are used for

Are you allergic to any medications? If so, which ones?

Do you have a family history of mental illness or substance abuse?

Have you ever attempted suicide, or had a plan to harm yourself ? When?

Do you currently have any thoughts or feelings of wanting to physically harm yourself ? If so, do you have a plan to do so?

Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder? Describe

Did you experience harsh punishment as a child?

Have you been sexually abused, or do you worry  that you might have been?

Describe your current usage of alcohol/drugs:

Have you been treated for substance abuse? When?

Briefly describe any medical history you feel is effecting your well being.

Do you have (1) current sleep difficulties, or (2) change in appetite?

Do you prefer a male or female therapist, and what goal do you have, as a result of eTherapy? 

Please check the box in front of any word or phrase you feel applies to you:
Headaches Naive Memory problem
Heart palpitations Nervous Unattractive
Sleep problems Fearful Bored
Want to hurt self Timid Restless
Drug use Can't concentrate Nightmares
Financial problems Worthwhile Empty feelings
Incompetent Regrets from past Fatigue
Tend to be Controlling Misunderstood Tense feeling
Shy Sympathetic Sex problems
Don't take vacations Fairly intelligent Worthless
Confused Fainting spells Stupid
Considerate No appetite Evil
Handicapped Regular alcohol use Over ambitious
Not confident Depressed Good person
Can't make decisions Inadequate Dizziness
Can't make friends Disturbing thoughts Attractive
Stomach problems Guilty Lonely
Feelings of panic Hateful Not loved
Trembling Feel Inferior Confident
Unable to relax Bad home conditions  Can't keep a job

Please use this space to add any other information about your background that would be helpful to know, so that your therapist can best help you.  This is not the space where you write your "eTherapy Session" but just for additional  information you feel your therapist should know about you.

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